Where is World’s largest Solar Power Plant located?

By | May 9, 2017

The World’s largest Solar Power Plant has been installed in Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh, India. It is world’s largest solar power plant at any single location. Read below to know 8 very interesting facts about Kurnool Ultra Mega Solar Park.

Where is World's largest Solar Power Plant located

World’s largest solar power plant is in Andhra Pradesh, India Photo Credit

Facts about World’s largest Solar Power Plant

1. The Kurnool Ultra Mega Solar Park will become fully operation by the end of May 2017. When running at its optimum capacity it will generate 1,000 megawatts (1 gigawatt) electricity. As of now its producing 90% of the installed capacity i.e. 900 MW.


2. Although its generating 90% of its total production capacity at present, it has already left behind Adani Power’s 648 MW solar power plant at Kamuthi, Tamil Nadu, India and 550 MW Topaz Solar Farm in California, USA in terms of total production capacity.


3. The Kurnool Ultra Mega Solar Park is spread over 5,811 acres of land.


4. In terms of unit production, the Kurnool Plant is producing eight million units of energy per day. This is sufficient to fulfill 80% of the district’s requirement. The park will produce 2,600 million units of power per annum.


5. The total investment by the developers and the government for this giant solar power park exceeds ₹7,000 crore. The Government of India has granted Rs 200 crore for the project.


6. The park has been developed under the solar parks scheme of Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Government of India. It is set up by Andhra Pradesh Solar Power Corporation, with 4 joint developers: (i) Greenko (500 MW), (ii) Soft Bank Energy (350 MW), (iii) Azure Power (100 MW) and (iv) Prayatna Developers (Adani group) (50 MW).


7. The Kurnool Ultra Mega Solar Park has 40,00,000 solar panels of 315 watts each. With the help of 2,000 circuit kilometres of cables they are connected to the nearby four 220/33 kV pooling stations of 250 MW each and a 400 / 220 kV grid substation.


8. The developers – Sun Edison (M/s GreenKo) Soft Bank Energy, Azure Power and Prayatna Developers – had quoted a tariff of Rs. 4.63 per unit (kWh) during the auction. After bundling, the tariff to DISCOMS will come down to Rs. 4 per unit.


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