• Difference between Paris Agreement and Kyoto Protocol
    Climate Change

    Difference between Paris Agreement and Kyoto Protocol is in the Approach to Achieve the Ultimate Goal of Stabilizing Greenhouse Gases in the Atmosphere

    Paris Agreement on Climate Change and Kyoto Protocol share the same goal. It is to restrict the global temperature rise below 2 degree Celsius. Unprecedented increase in the Greenhouse gas Emissions is being attributed for the global temperature rise. To limit the rising temperature collective actions are required to be taken by all the countries.  Kyoto Protocol (Treaty) 1997  is the first international agreement to keep the global temperature rise under check. Its commitment period will end in 2020 and from onward the Paris Agreement on Climate Change 2015 will come into effect.  Both the Kyoto Protocol and Paris Agreement took place under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). In order to understand the key difference between Paris…