• how to deal with constant failure
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    How to deal with failures in life

    A series of events that I thought would turn into my favor ultimately, did not happen as per my plans. I am programmed to respond to such situations by criticizing myself and others, dwelling on it for too long, feeling anxious, stressed …etc But today I decided to betray my self-programing. I am looking for other opportunities. I engaged myself in my routine work. I am already feeling alright while the situation is as it is. So what shacked my old behavioral pattern of responding to failures? It is the proximity of a new colleague and her brutally honest sharing of anecdotes of a series of events that has happened…

  • how to build self confidence
    Everyday habits

    How to build self confidence and shine in life

    Aim to Be ‘Authentic’ & ‘Original’ and Confidence will follow you Try to be more and more comfortable within your own skin. Authentic people are immensely beautiful. They radiate and they shine. No matter how they appear, no matter how they speak, Your work is to identify people and situations where you feel discomfort and restless. Distance yourself from these situations which force you to be or feel otherwise. Let your life change for better. It won’t be easy But It will free up your stressful time and make way for self acceptance to enter in your life and Your life will blossom with unique confident you   Live a…

  • How to remember what you read for long
    Everyday habits

    How to remember what you read for long : A 5 step guide

    Do you feel awestruck when you see people giving lectures filled with facts and figures or their ability to narrate sequentially of what they read? Do you feel you are not able to remember most of the things you read recently (forget about the old stuff!)? If yes, are you suffering from any and/or all of the conditions given below? Despite reading many books, articles, essays etc. you find it difficult to recall the gist and facts of the content even a day after you read it. Do you feel despite reading so much, you don’t have solid mental back up to support you. In a discussion you cannot put…