Sun Temple of Katarmal

By | May 9, 2016
Sun Temple of Katarmal

Sun Temple of Katarmal: Back view from the above


Sun Temple of Katarmal

Sun Temple of Katarmal

Sun Temple of Katarmal

According to the Information board put up in the premises of Sun Temple of Katarmal situated in a village called Katarmal in Almora by Archaeological Survey of India:

‘The Sun Temple popularly Known as ‘Baraditya facing east, is one of the biggest and tallest temples, of the Kumaun region was probably built by Katarmal, the medieval king of Katury dynasty who ruled the central Himalayan Region. There are as many as 45 miniature shrines in different groups clustering around the main shrine seems to be constructed at different periods. The main temple is Triratha on plan having curvilinear shikhara of nagara style with sqaure garbhagraha (sanctum sanctorium) while the antrala and the two mandapas were added later on.

On the basis of arcitectural features and inscriptions recorded on the pillars of the temple suggest the date of the temple circa 13th  century.

The entrance of the sanctum was provided with carved wooden doors, which has been displayed in the gallery of the National Museum, New Delhi.’

The temple is situated in Katarmal approximately 12 km away from district headquarter Almora and 17 km from Ranikhet  in the Kumaun region of Uttarakhand. The place is situated about 1800 m above sea level.

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