How to feel good about yourself
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How to feel good about yourself – self analysis for you

Since you are reading this post, chances are that something is bothering you deep inside you. It could be something that happened recently, a situation that is repeating itself in multiple forms, something related to childhood, your routine which may not be the way you imagine it. It could be anything. And as a cumulative impact you feel sad, bad, frustrated, angry, incapable, inefficient and let down.

You are restless and certainly not comfortable within your own skin.

You wonder how to improve your situation?

The good news is you are at the right place.

Go through the entire post and analyze if any of these situations resonate your current state?

Do you identify with these scenarios? If yes, be happy- you are not alone. These are personal experiences shared by billions of people.

Please understand like other virtues, ‘feeling good about yourself’ is a state of mind and requires two things

  • Introspection which will enhance your understanding about your own self. It will take you towards a shift in your mindset.
  • Change of actions (needless to say – one at a time) and you will change the way you feel about yourself.

Like any other virtue its time taking. But in a few months time you can find yourself in a much more comfortable internal world.

It takes conscious efforts, but It’s worth every effort.

Remember it’s a journey which eventually can turn out to be immensely fruitful.

1. Are you emotionally Independent?

 You are an independent working person.

You enjoy imagining yourself wet with sweat everyday in the morning.

You want to get up early. Do exercise. Have a good morning tea. Want to talk with your spouse / family and then head to office. You have been dreaming your morning schedule from ages.

But your actual schedule is not somewhere near to your dream schedule.

You blame your spouse for it..

as your spouse does not get up early…

as your spouse prefers going to bed late…

your spouse wants to have ‘his/her’ time post office time with their mobile and  TV

This irritates you

Their schedule, you feel, keeps you away from your dream schedule

While they are ok with their schedule, you are not with yours ..

Your wish to be physically active is not being met.

You feel bad about it.

You get stressed because of lack of physical activity

Give it a close look.

Who is responsible?

Are you emotionally independent?

Are you in charge of your own life?

2. Do you know how much you could have achieved had you practiced perseverance?

You want to eat clean, healthy diet, more veggies, more fruits.

You went to grocery, you bought fruits and vegetables.

Your diet improved.

You started making juices.

You started feeling better.

A few days later you got back late

It was a hectic day

You could not cook..instead ordered food..

A few time, does it really matter, you thought.

You thought you would go and buy the grocesary in the coming weekend,.

But it was very hot summer weekend.

You really did not summon courage to go out.

There were no fruits, salad material and veggies at home. You managed somehow.

Next few days you went on an official trip

5 days fewww

Now, suddenly you realize

It’s been 4 month since you lost track of your diet

You have put on more weight.

You feel bad.

Is it true that

Enthusiastic starlings but failing to peruse is your second nature.

Learn to persevere somehow, anyhow.

3. Do you know – Your childhood dreams matter ?

When I grow up I will take my mom to a vacation

When I start earning I will adopt a girl child

When I grow old I will teach stories to poor kids

Try to recall you’re unique generous wishes of your childhood

Were they only wishes meant to be forgotten? Or are they a part of your hidden identity?  A way you imagined yourself then and now

Pick one of the most doable wish and

Work to make it true

You will feel immensely better.

4. Have you heard about Minimalism? Do you follow it ?

You buy cloths

Wear it a few times

And then, you they make a heap in your wardrobe

You even forget you have them

A month later you buy a few more…

You buy books, read a few pages

You find them interesting

Somewhere down the line, you stop reading them

In the back of your mind you will again start reading them from tomorrow.

And tomorrow comes seldom..

And from a book fair in your city you buy a few more.

You got attracted towards a new kitchen utensil you just saw in from market

You buy it thinking it will make your life easy, saving you time

You use it a few times. it was amazing until you

Realize it’s washing is a tedious task

And you are better off without it

It remains acquiring physical space in your favorite corner in the kitchen

And next month you buy another salad maker..

You buy magazines, news papers

You wish to read them thoroughly

You are really interested in acquiring knowledge

You, somehow, are not able to make time for it

You keep on wishing one day you will start reading them.

No wonder they keep on lying as a heap in your room..

The list is endless..

Is this ‘buying, buying, buying’ culture is making you happy?

Think hard

Break free from the consumerist in you – Embrace Minimalism

5. What can make you feel good about yourself – Your strengths or your weaknesses?

In the interviews they ask

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

You are interviewer of your life

Ask this question again and again to yourself

Get answers

And work every day to create your life around your strengths

This will bridge the gap between the present you and the ‘confident & happy you.

Make your life all around your strengths

6. Do you give free advises to people?

Do you give advises to others without being asked?

After a get together do you spend time in analyzing the way others have dressed up, they were behaving/eating?

Do you do what others are doing?

Do you interfere in their lifestyle?

Do you gossip?

Try to liberate yourself from these habits and

You will turn into a ‘Happy You’

Mind your own businesses.

Remember –

Harmonize your life- One step at a time.

Do what you feel you should be doing and you will feel the way you want to feel about yourself.

Aim to live a more conscious life.

This will help you to build self confidence and shine in life.

And definitely as a by product

You will feel good about yourself.

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