how to build self confidence
Everyday habits

How to build self confidence and shine in life

Aim to

Be ‘Authentic’ & ‘Original’


Confidence will follow you

Try to be more and more comfortable within your own skin.

Authentic people are immensely beautiful. They radiate and they shine.

No matter how they appear, no matter how they speak,

Your work is to identify people and situations where you feel discomfort and restless.

Distance yourself from these situations which force you to be or feel otherwise.

Let your life change for better.

It won’t be easy


It will free up your stressful time and make way for self acceptance to enter in your life


Your life will blossom with unique confident you


Live a counterintuitive life, mean it, announce it and be proud of it

Speak less but try hard to express your your mind– counterintuitive

Avoid large social gatherings and enjoy watching sunset with an old friend – counterintuitive

Spend less, save more – counterintuitive

Ditch credit card system – counterintuitive

Make time to cook from scratch – counterintuitive

Go outside, call to a friend, read, do dishes, do whatever you want but don’t succumb to screen- Counterintuitive

Live the way it works for your mind and soul

Not the way the system offers you

And the confidence to live and survive will follow


You are not a sheep; there is no need to follow a shepherd

By the way who is your life’s shepherd?

A friend, a parent, a classmate, a teacher, a system, market, society, luxury, lethargy

What it is?


Make up your mind

Be a designer of your own life, hop on to the driving seat

Decide and 

Drive yourself away

At slow, comfortable speed

You will be far away soon

And the confidence to believe in yourself will follow


Life is a multiple options type question in which one, two, many or all the options could be correct


If your selected option does not offer you fulfillment

Re calibrate your life-

With a different standard scale

And select other options

And do it until

You find your own internal guiding scale optimum for your own well being

And the confidence to opt and select your life will follow you


Make out time to know your weaknesses and strengths

Focus on your strengths and build your life around it

You will soon be bigger than all of your shortcomings

And the confidence that ‘You are enough’ will follow you



Not to be just confident


to be a

Confident ‘You’

With all your

True original self

Shining all around you

And the spark of life will follow you.

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