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Carbon Credit Mechanism to Reduce Greenhouse Gases

According to Investopedia ‘A carbon credit is a permit that allows the holder to emit one ton of carbon dioxide’. In broad terms ‘Carbon credit’ is an exchange mechanism devised to offset CO2 and other Greenhouse gas  emissions (GHG’s). Carbon credit is, therefore, a mitigation mechanism. This covers individuals, organizations, small and large businesses, governments or… Read More »

Kyoto Protocol Summary : First International Treaty on Climate Change

Kyoto Protocol is the first international agreement on climate change. The objective of the Kyoto protocol was to keep the global temperature rise below 2 ºC. A comprehensive summary of the Kyoto protocol covering must know facts about it is provided below. Kyoto Protocol Summary Kyoto Treaty is an international agreement under United Nations Framework Convention… Read More »

Do You Know What Is Greenhouse Effect ?

What is Greenhouse effect? Greenhouses are those glass buildings put up to nourish plants and get fruits even in the cold unfavorable seasons. These glass walled structures let the sunlight come inside but do not let the heat from inside go out. They trap heat and this makes the interior of the green houses warmer than… Read More »

List of Effects of Climate Change on Sea Level Rise, Agriculture & Food Security, Water and Human Health

List of Effects of Climate Change on Environment As per the scientific projections the average temperature of earth could rise by 3 to 10 oC by the end of the century if the present CO2 emissions level continues. This is an estimate about the average rise in the global temperature.  In reality, due to the… Read More »

What are the Causes of Climate Change : List of Natural and Human Factors Responsible

Life on Earth is possible because of the fine energy balance between the energy Earth receives and the energy that goes back into the atmosphere.  The energy balance maintains average weather conditions for a very long period of time on earth. The sole source of all the energy present in the Earth is the Sun.… Read More »

Global Warming Trends Prove that it is Real

What is Global Warming ? The average temperature on our Earth is rising continuously. This is known as Global Warming. The reason behind the rise in the global temperature is the released greenhouse gases by burning fossil fuels. Whenever and wherever the word ‘Earth’s temperature’ is used it means that the temperature of the surface of the… Read More »