Adopting a minimalist mindset:

Adopting a minimalist mindset: 3 valuable lessons that will keep you on track

An exposure to minimalist approach towards life has changed my life in unimaginable ways. Most importantly it has made me understood the power of community.

It was unintentional though.

Ever since my introduction to a facebook group on minimalism some two and a half years ago, I have joined a few more. I am still in the process of minimising my physical and mental clutter. I am tempted to share with you a few of my realisations that might prove to be important for you if you see minimalism as a way for you for the rest of your life.

  1. Joining an aspiring minimalist’s community is far more helpful than a bunch of books intended to give you directions

One thing that I learned is that minimalism is a path and a much longer process than I had initially imagined. In fact it’s entirely a new way of living. To lead a minimalist existence, similar to acquiring any other skill, it requires to keep at it, no matter how many times you fumble.

At this point in time the single most important piece of advice I can give to the one new in this path is to join a community of aspiring minimalists.

The value of daily reminders, discussions, ideas and small successes that real people share with you keeps you motivated. They always keep the spirit alive in me.

So my wisdom says joining a group is the best way to succeed in this path. Accept the power of community.

I receive daily reminders on minimalism. Through groups I get a chance to understand its impact on them mostly through

-easing their finances woes,

-tackling the problems of stress and anxiety,

-filling the lives with contentment and space,

– helping in developing a perspective of what they actually need and how the society is designed to force them increase their wants,

-inspiring them to revive old dreams or plan travels, and

-making them able to pay off debt and most importantly to save for a rainy day.

So if any of these things echo you, considering joining a good group might prove to be a good idea.

These are the four pages/ groups in the facebook I suggest:

-Becoming Minimalist – A website and a fb page run by Joshua Becker.  He shares inspiring short crisp articles based on his own experiences and some fact findings. His consistency and the subtle tone of the articles makes me read the same article as many times as he shares.

-Frugal Minimalists– A community of like minded people that discuss relevant topics and share amazing ideas and help grow our mutual interests. A very positive and encouraging space –

-The non Consumer Advocate- A good interactive group. A lot of personal experiences and articles are shared in the forum.

As far as I am concerned the minimalist lifestyle and its benefits sank into me slowly. It’s so soothing to see the behavioural change within myself. I started questioning my lifestyle and it eventually led me towards a more exciting sustainable life.

2. Adopting minimalist mindset improves understanding about the world and how it operates

One side benefit I got by joining the community is my improved understanding about the world, how it operates and its inhabitants. It has simplified my own life in an amazing way.

Sharing happiness and moments of failure related to range of issues from meal planning to travel to gifts ideas to downsizing homes, student loans and paying off debt connects people from all genders, colors and creed from different parts of the world at a very personal level.

Isn’t that amazing?

3. It gets overwhelming way too soon

One important point- like any other thing in life, the process of adopting a minimalist lifestyle could be extremely overwhelming. You may find yourself thinking about it all the time. Suddenly you wish to remove all the clutter in a day and after a lengthy purging you still find yourself drowning in clutter. When it is always in your mind it replaces other anxieties and develops a new sort of stress.

Simply remember if it is not accumulated in a day, it cannot be removed in a day.

Always looking at the minimalism from the eyes of curiosity whiling trying to keep my humour alive kept me sane so far.

Enjoy your newly found wisdom but be extremely kind to yourself.

Do tell me if you found this post useful!

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